Fulldive VR Android App Review

| May 4, 2018

Fulldive VR for Android is a virtual reality platform for the masses available in Google Play Store. It is an all in one virtual reality platform for both cardboard and daydream VR headsets. It is mainly user generated virtual reality content and navigation platform. Fulldive’s intention and mission is to make virtual reality available and affordable to every one and to make the world accessible. You need to have a device that supports gyro sensors to fully enjoy the virtual reality.

Let’s Take A Dive Into Virtual Reality

Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality for Android is a social all in one platform that allows you to watch what your friends watch, react and comment on. You get to share your favorite reacted videos to find out your friends comment. While installing, you should allow all permissions so it can play content from your device in VR. You also need to calibrate your devices sensor else you will have issue with screen drifting or shifting left and right. The app works smoothly with any virtual reality viewer including Google cardboard or Daydream headset. Fulldive content is from approved sources such as YouTube, Youku and Facebook. And the content is exponentially multiplying. You can search over one million videos and play over 500 games in the VR Market. It lets you browse and view new generation of media like the 3D and 360 photos and videos.

Fulldive VR Android App Review

Stream all YouTube video whether the normal ones or 3D or 360. Like in a movie theatre play all videos on your phone with the VR video player. VR Browser allows you to browse anything on the internet in VR. Store and access pictures, videos and 360 photos In VR photo gallery and VR 360 photo gallery. The VR Store, Market and Launcher lets you browse for new apps and access all VR applications through VR.


Fulldive VR Android app is the virtual reality platform for the masses. There were days when you had to sit in front of a TV screen to watch a movie. With Fulldive, there is no need to be paying thousands for a 3D TV or professional gaming gear to enjoy the movies, video games, and videos when you can get to watch them all in one virtual reality app. The Fulldive team has delivered it really well and they are passionate about making VR accessible to everyone.


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