Funny Food 2 Android App Review

| January 27, 2019

Funny Food 2 for Android is a gaming app for toddlers that provide endless possibilities to keep children entertained and busy. The app has various levels of educational games that aim at tutoring kids various aspects of the learning process early on in their life. The app is filled with smart games like puzzles, cooking and slicing, hide and seek, sorting, matching and so on. Also includes, coloring, comparison, finding shapes, counting and quantity analysis. Uses loads of creativity and logic and instills them in the toddlers.

Fun and edutainment all in one plate

Funny Food 2 for Android has about 15 free learning games with great sound effects and graphics. The games are backed by English voice over and a wonderful background music. The simple interface that test and fine tunes the essential motor skills, logic, thinking and creativity. Themed around kids favorite food, most games and puzzles will have lip smacking images of food that kindles a liking for the games. From sorting out jumbled foods, sorting food from conveyor belt into different trucks and do on, there are plethora of games that let a toddler to think.

Funny Food 2 Android App Review

The math in all the games will introduce the concept of counting, quantity and sizes. Kids get to learn different colors, shapes, alphabets, and numbers. Finding patterns, arranging food, preparing different colored cookies are all part of fun games. Baby shapes introduces them to geometric shapes and colors. Dressing food in fancy clothing will instill fun and creativity at the same time. Using the scale to weigh the right amount of food will teach them the concept of lesser than and greater than.


Funny Food 2 for Android will make your kids independent and creative. The app developed by Mage, have immense experience designing learning apps for toddlers. They comply with the standards of apps designed to be viewed by family. The app is free to download with in app purchases. It does not have any advertisements. Only a part of content is available with free version for the rest of it, you need to make a purchase.


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