GiGa File Manager Android App Review

| May 31, 2018

GiGa File Manager for Android is a powerful application to manage files and data in your smart phones. It has full-featured file management application, smart file explorer, root file manager, powerful app manager, remote file access and much more. It’s smart, lightweight, fast and easy to use. GiGa File Manager is also file transfer app that helps you share files between devices in the easiest way.

Managing Files like A Pro

GiGa File Manager for Android is a powerful file explorer for Android smart phones. Apart from the basic file operations like create/delete, copy files or folders, move a file or folder, it also supports compression, extraction of archive files and provides precious information about files/folder such as file name, total size, date modified. You have quick access shortcuts that help you categorize files into image files, video files, document files and so on. The quick access buttons allows easy access to the favorite folder like Download, recent files, and network connections. Access and manage files from different types of external storages devices like SD Card, USB OTG and external Storage. Easily starts FTP server on your phone and other devices to connect to same WiFi network and can access and manage files. This lets you transfer files without cable. File mapping helps you see how big files and folders are and manage and delete files in storage as and when needed.

GiGa File Manager Android App Review

The device needs to be rooted to use the set of file manager tools for root users. The app provides quick and easy way to un-install multiple unused applications to free up phone storage space. It also helps to kill tasks with a single click to free up RAM and booster speed of your device. Using remote connection feature, manage files, access and download files from FTP servers easily like your local files.


GiGa File Manager for Android provides access to entire file system and manages all directories of your smart phone and the cloud accounts you are using. It is a full-featured and powerful file explorer app for all smart phones.


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