Google Family Link Android App Review

| October 28, 2017

The smart phone is an amazing device. Today’s phone establishes a channel of communication with the world around us in a way which was not imaginable with the old phones. By bringing the power of the internet and a wide range of apps, the modern day smart phone has really become a great piece of gadgetry. However, like every powerful thing, it would be used with caution. Caution becomes even more important when the user is a little kid. If you are a parent of a kid, then it is only natural for you to worry about whether your child is getting a bad influence. Well, if you have a smart phone, then Google Family Link app for Android might help you out on that.

Encouraging Responsibility

Google Family Link for Android is one of those apps that look and feel really simple but they achieve something really effective. The app helps you to keep control as your child (under 13) uses his/her Android phone. You can manage the apps that you child uses and also keep an eye on the screen time. You would get weekly and monthly activity reports which would tell you how much time your child spends on each app. You can also set daily screen time limits. There is also a feature called ‘device bedtime’ which helps you to remote lock the device when it’s time for bed.

Google Family Link Android App Review

App Highlights

Keep an eye on screen time
Manage the apps your child can use
Set device bedtime
Settings can be changed with just a few taps


If you are looking to keep an eye on your young kid’s activities in a simple and effective way, then Google Family Link for Android is just the right app for you. This app is built by Google is just an added advantage. So, install the app and become a responsible parent!


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