GoToWebinar Andoid App Review

| May 5, 2017

The internet is like a vast ocean of knowledge. There is always something new to learn on the internet. Nowadays, you have all sorts of events, also called webinars, which help you to gather knowledge. Webinars, or Web Seminars, are a great way to connect with new people and exchange knowledge. GoToWebinar for Android is an app that helps you to take part in webinars of your choice. Whether you are looking to attend a webinar or organize a webinar, this one app would help you in a number of ways.

Gaining Knowledge with GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar Android app comes with loads of features for both the attendees and the organizer of webinars. As an attendee, you can search from hundreds of webinars on diverse topics. You can join the webinar of your choice with just a single tap. You can listen to the speakers with the help of VoIP. You can also raise your hand and ask the question directly to the speaker. You can also participate in polls and check out the slides in the presentation of the speaker. If you are an organizer, you can share the registration link for the webinar. You can also edit any scheduled webinar. You can even count the registrants for the webinar. There are a number of other features that would help you get the most of the best webinars from around the world.

GoToWebinar Andoid App Review

What Will You Like About the App?

You can join hundreds of webinars with just a single touch. If you are an organizer, you can reach out to more than a million users from across the world.
The app is loaded with features that would help you get the most of the webinars
GoToWebinar supports multiple languages.


GoToWebinar for Android is a great app for people who are looking to gather more knowledge from the web. To use the app, you would need to have Android 4.0 or higher. So, get the GoToWebinar app and increase your knowledge.


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