Gratus Android App Review

| January 9, 2018

The positive developments that had happened in your life could be due to lots of factors. It could be the love and help from others, good fortune, or things that you can’t explain wherein you credit it to God. Gratus app for Android helps you to remind you of things that you’re grateful to. The app may be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.

Promote Good Vibes and Positivity

Gratus app for Android reminds you of things that you should be grateful to in your life. Most importantly, it gives you the much needed perspective of what you are and how you’d become ‘you’ of today. When you fire up the app, it prompts you to add something you’re grateful for and optionally add an associated image. If you do it regularly, you’ll build up a collection of these, which you can view whenever you need to look back at the good things that happened in your life. But some of the features comes only with the paid version. If you pay $2.99 for an in-app purchase, you will unlock the reminder feature that will remind you daily to add something you’re grateful for. You will also be able to see your entries in a widget or as a notification, allowing you to see them whenever you use your phone, without having to actively launch the Gratus app for Android. For many people, to launch an app through an extra step is turn off enough to not use the app. Gratus for Android gives you a more direct route.

Gratus Android App Review

The UI layout of Gratus app for Android is easy to navigate. Adding something that you’re grateful for won’t take long. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires Android OS 5.0+.


We’ve seen apps that remind us of tasks to complete. Gratus app for Android however reminds you of the things and people you’re grateful for what you have in your life. You add your grateful events into the app, and later, you can look back and gain a perspective of good things happened to you, and the people who’d helped you along the way. Widget support comes handy as it gives you a direct access to the app without actually firing it up. But you got to upgrade to pro-version to get widget support and reminder feature. UI design is user friendly. It is also stable. Check it out if you’re curious.


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