GroupMe Android Messenger App Review

| February 6, 2019

GroupMe for Android is a messenger app that provides a free and simple way to chat with everyone you know. You can stay connected to people who matter the most. Quickly send direct and group message from smartphones without any limits or a charge. The app allows you to have a group conversation than letting you send messages to multiple people. The good thing is that unlike in other apps, you can get the reply from the recipients that goes to everybody and not just to you.

Group chat with less effort and more efficiency

GroupMe for Android offers an innovative way to get multiple recipients involved and interact in one conversation thread. The most interesting part is that your friends don’t have to install GroupMe for it to work. The advantage of this is that you can have people without smartphones also in your friends list. The person who starts the conversation is required to have this app installed. Not just texting, you can also have conference call, find the approximate location of other participants and also an Ask a Question feature. Adding people to your group is quite easy; you just need to know their phone numbers or emails.

GroupMe Android Messenger App Review

GroupMe app gives you the control and you can choose what type of notifications you want to receive and when. Mute certain chats and also the app. Choose to leave or end the group. Not just in words, Express yourself in emojis as well. You get to chat even from the official website and let’s you chat anywhere. Share memes, gifs and anything and get instant feedback from the group.


GroupMe for Android will become quite indispensable as you start using it. Be it with friends, colleagues, family or any other group of a common interest, stay in touch and make it count for the rest of your friends as well in the group. You could stay away in different continents or hemisphere, GroupMe will unite all without much effort and it would be real fun with near and dear ones. The app is offered free of cost.


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