HabitHub Android App Review

| April 13, 2018

HabitHub – Habit and Goal Tracker for Android allows you to track your habits until you achieve your goals. Apart from tracking habits, this fantastic app reminds you to stay on top of them and provides you with reports on the progress made for each of the habits. It helps you rewire by forming new habits that makes you a different and a totally new person. HabitHub, based on Seinfeld’s productivity secrets, involves building long streaks of days that will motivate you to keep moving forward.

Nurturing New Habits

HabitHub for Android helps you nurture new habits that make you a new person. Simply set up your habits in the app. Next, mark the days on the calendar every time you perform the habit. Soon you will be building a chain which you should not break the chain. This is the streak method where you focus on not breaking the chain. There is a cue-routine-reward system to give yourself a reason to get into the habit every day. Add new habits and rewards using the big plus button on the home page. Add a name, a description, and schedule it in the calendar. Habits can be anything from drinking water to workout schedules. According to different aspects of your life, you can organize your habits by assigning them into categories. Assign colors to categories to make them stand out. HabitHub will mark a habit as success when you reach your goal three times within a seven day period. An overview of how well you have been performing will be displayed in beautiful graphs. With this data you can identify patterns that might be preventing you from successfully cultivating the habit.

HabitHub Android App Review

HabitHub Android app allows setting reminders so that you stay on track and never again forget to mark a day. Using widgets, you can bring your habits to the home screen and use it from there. Just like in a diary, add notes to any day and sort them by last week, month or year. Set rewards for every step and unlock them when you complete the habit. It has a built in pin lock that will help you keep your data secured. The app is offered for free download from Google Play Store.


The success of HabitHub – Habit and Goal Tracker Android app depends on how you use it. Mostly, it takes a couple of months to build a solid habit. So, it is vital to stay at it and be consistent. It is these habits that will ultimately help you reach your goals. Stay motivated and don’t give up.


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