Handpick Recipes & Ingredients iPhone App Review

| April 14, 2018

Handpick Recipes & Ingredients for iPhone is a leading food app featuring trending dishes from reputable cooking sites, food blogs, and culinary magazines. The app designs meal kits with groceries perfectly paired to cook three recipes, thereby help eliminate food waste and avoid repackaging of ingredients. Meal options are available for every cuisine, diet and budget. The app is a free download from iTunes App Store.

Handpick Recipes and Start Cooking

Handpick Recipes & Ingredients iPhone app is easy to use and really interesting. The Meal Kit tab offers meal plans where you can browse and discover millions of recipes from around the world. It then provides you with a shopping list of ingredients to cook three meals for the week. You can use the ingredient pairing tab to find the two other dishes which you can make with the ingredients you have on hand. There are around 10, 000 ingredients. You can tap the Search icon in the Dishes tab to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the quick find recipe categories or by typing in the name of a dish or recipe. You can find endless recipe ideas with the Related Recipes feature. You can create, save and share food topics based on your favorite flavors and taste.

Handpick Recipes & Ingredients iPhone App Review

You can pick any meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, desserts, shakes and smoothie. You can plan meals for any occasion; it could be weeknight meal, seasonal holiday, dinner parties and many more. If you are conscious about your duet, the app offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and paleo dishes. You can find dishes that are easy to make or bake simple and budget meals. Handpick Recipes app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Handpick Recipes & Ingredients for iPhone is quite clever in finding the three right meals that pair your ingredients so as to avoid wastage. It is easy to use and really simple and interesting. You can now plan for those dinner parties without fear of getting the right taste, quantity or waste.


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