Happy Glass Android App Review

| February 5, 2019

Happy Glass for Android is one of the top rated games that have the credit of 10 million downloads in a short span of time. It is based on law physics that has a minimalistic approach and challenges you at the same time that also keeps you occupied. The crux of the game is very simple, you are presented with an empty sad glass and you are required to fill it overcoming obstacles making it a happy glass.

Simple yet challenging puzzles to vile away your time

Happy Glass game for Android has a clear and cute interface that suits the theme of the game and is easy on the eyes. A happy piano tune is played in the background that suits the cheerful ambience of the game. It suits all age group or those who understand the physics behind the theme. You will find just an empty glass that resembles a cartoon character. You have a grey box with a down arrow through which water will drop into the glass. Your main goal is to fill the glass with water. The game is pretty easy and even beginners can master it as you complete each level.

Happy Glass Android App Review

You are required to draw line over the glass to fill it with water. Though it may sound easy, there can be a lot of challenge as you move up the level. You will have to think of a strategy to fill the glass and also earn three stars. You will also be given more challenges like pouring water in two glasses or to have the cup up in your open air and so on.


Happy Glass for Android is easy to learn but hard to master that suits the liking for those who are looking for a challenging puzzle game. With over three hundred levels, each quite creatively different that gives you both fun and relaxing. The theme is simple, smart and challenging too. As you complete each level you would have learnt different ways you can fill an empty cup. The app is free with ads; there are in-app purchases starting from $0.99. The game works on devices running Android 4.1 and up.


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