HeyTell Voice Messenger & Walkie Talkie Android App Review

| May 4, 2019

HeyTell Voice Messenger & Walkie Talkie for Android is an innovative way for communication. When it comes to communication, we have all heard about phone calls and messages and we all know how that changed the world. HeyTell gives you access to a whole new technology. So what is that? In the following article, we would take a look at the app and how you can use it to communicate better.

Best Voice Messenger & Walkie Talkie App

Well, to put it in the simplest of words – HeyTell app is like a walkie talkie on your Android Phone! Just like a walkie talkie, you can just press a button and talk to anyone who has the app installed. The app works perfectly well on Android as well on iPhone and Windows phone. So, even if your friend does not have an Android phone but has an iPhone or still clinging to their Windows phone, you can use it. The app uses internet to connect to people anywhere across the world. So, you would not be paying for every call you make. Now, you might be wondering that it would use up humongous amount of data, just like a Whatsapp or Facebook call does. However, that is not true! It is only uses as much data as sending an email. This also means that the app would work just fine irrespective of the quality of the network. So, no more call drops and other such issues.

HeyTell Voice Messenger Walkie Talkie Android App

HeyTell for Android allows you to have group calls as you can add up to 25 people in the same call. You can also adjust the levels of privacy. For example, in the low privacy settings, all your Facebook friends can call you. On the other hand, in the high privacy setting, no one can call you unless you call them first or they receive an invite from you via Facebook or Twitter. You can even block people on the app as well. There are loads of other features of the app, some of them are mentioned below


Uses very less data
Your friend’s voice message gets stored in your inbox. You can reply later.
The voice message is completely encrypted. So, no one can misuse it.


There are a lot of apps out there that help you with communication, but HeyTell Voice Messenger & Walkie Talkie for Android brings a newer approach and we just love what they have done. Download the app today and discover how you can communicate better.


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