Hinge: Dating & Relationships iPhone App Review

| February 25, 2019

Hinge: Dating & Relationships for iPhone is a dating app for people who want to get connected with the right person. Known as the relationship app, it is the fastest growing dating app in US, UK, Canada and Australia. The dating app measures real world success to make a match than a complicated algorithm. Most of the users who have registered report a second date after the first meeting. The basic premise is same as other dating apps where you will be connected to other Facebook friends be it direct or indirect, but in Hinge you will be connected to people whom you are directly connected through your social network.

Make meaningful relationship with the right choice by Hinge

Hinge let’s you create an account through your Facebook profile and imports your personal details like name, hometown, relationship status, profile picture and lot many more information which would be of interest to other party into the app. You will be guided through a series of questions about yourself, your physique, beliefs, likes, dislikes, beliefs so any potential date will have an idea what they are in for. The questions digs out a lot about your life, your family, work, hobbies so other members can connect to you based on your answers knowing you well enough to start a meaningful conversation.

Hinge Dating & Relationships iPhone App Review

Hinge: Dating & Relationships iPhone app lets you like a profile by tapping the heart button and start a conversation by answering a question or adding a comment. The app prompts you to report on how well the date is progressing so it can intelligently serve you with more reliable and right profiles.


Hinge Dating app for iPhone has a goal that it would connect meaningful people in person and not just in the digital world. The app quickly learns your kind of people you would like to mingle and will be introduced only to them without complicating your life. Where people get hooked up with people on the basis of a profile picture, Hinge offers more insights into a potential date personality. The app is free for a three month trial period after which you can opt for one of the three paid services.


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