Hirewire Job Search iPhone App Review

| May 5, 2017

Your visibility in the job market depends upon how well you manage to build your profile. Even if it meant without a resume. Hirewire – Job Search for iPhone lets you build a profile without a resume and connect with potential employers. You can also make a video to showcase your skills. Hirewire app may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Hirewire app for iPhone helps you reach out to the employers looking to hire people. The app let you make an all-encompassing profile that could say a lot about your experience and skills. Users can also create a video intro to showcase your awesomeness directly from your mobile phone. You can also view all incoming opportunities, and even chat with your potential employers from within the app. For employers and recruiters as well, Hirewire for iPhone comes handy to find the right people with skills they’re looking for. That is, you don’t need to post another listing. Instead, set your criteria and search our database of over 30,000 available candidates in real time. Then sit back and screen candidate profiles, video introductions, and chat all within the app. The entire process is fast and easy. The new version of the app has an option to ‘like’ an employer. Users will also receive response from employers in the app.

Hirewire Job Search iPhone App Review

The UI of Hirewire for iPhone is beautifully designed. The white background theme looks nice. The matched job profiles are shown as an easy to read pop up. Click on the ‘contact’ button below to reach out to a job. The chat option is largely user friendly. In terms of performance, Hirewire is stable and responsive. The app requires iOS versions 9.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Hirewire iPhone app is a job search app with a difference. Here you market yourself on the back of a thoughtfully made profile, rather than the typical resume. You can also create a video introduction into your skills sets and experience to impress potential employers. For the employers as well, screening candidate profiles and video intros are easy enough. The user interface design is largely user friendly. It is also slick and responsive. Overall, a nice job search app worth checking out.


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