Hitlist – Find Cheap Flights Android App Review

| January 13, 2018

Hitlist for Android is a flight comparison tool that will help you fetch the cheaper and best deals. It also gives you some much needed travel inspiration. You can download Hitlist- Find Cheap Flights & Airline Ticket Deals app for free of cost from Google Play Store.

Find Cheap Flight Deals

The first thing we all do before booking a flight ticket is to scout for the cheapest deals. Hitlist app for Android helps you find just that. It searches through millions of flight prices in seconds to fetch the absolute cheapest flights from your local airport to amazing global destinations. It saves you lots of time and energy you otherwise might spent on flight searching, and of course, money. Hitlist for Android finds incredible flight deals by locating your home airport and checking millions of airline tickets to your favorite “hitlist” of travel destinations that you create. Simply tell the app your dream destinations and we’ll analyse millions of airline tickets to your destinations and bring you back a flight options at the absolute cheapest ticket prices ever. It’s that simple.

Hitlist Find Cheap Flights Android App Review

Hitlist for Android is also a travel discovery tool. With Explore Lists, you can find new places to travel based on unique travel categories like Festivals, Ecotours or even locations where Bitcoin is accepted and get deals on airline tickets to those places as well. It also features a social trip planner, in which you can find friends who are planning to go to a specific destination as well. The app helps you find out where your friends are going and the cheapest time to buy the airline tickets to go with them. The UI layout is user friendly. The places to ‘explore’ are listed in thumbnail format with the prices below the photo. The flights, duration and nature of the flight as well as Deals are shown in an easy to read format. It also gives you a perspective as to which all places in the world you’ve been. In terms of performance, we found it to be pretty precise and stable. It requires Android OS 5.0+.


Hitlist for Android helps you to find cheap flight deals, discover new travel destinations if you need some suggestions, or even plan a trip based on your interests and local airport. Its flight price tracker help you find the cheapest flights across different airline. Further, if you connect to Facebook or your contacts, see where your friends have been and are planning on traveling. The UI is well designed and easy to use. Overall, a well-made flight comparison and travel discovery tool all rolled into one.


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