Horizon Camera Android App Review

| June 6, 2015

Camera and related applications have always been in great demand among smart phone users. Horizon Camera is yet another addition to that long list of camera apps for Android. The application however is quite different from other camera applications and has a unique function of balancing and aligning whatever videos you shoot into a perfect landscape version. Just like its name, your shots will now be automatically captured horizontally, no matter whichever angle you hold your phone. A light weight app, Horizon Camera for Android is available to download and install for free in the Google Play Store.


Horizon Camera Android app is exclusively for capturing videos. The interface is more or less similar to the phone’s inbuilt camera, if not better. Opening the application directly leads you to the camera screen where you can view the auto-focused and auto-balanced videos effortlessly. There is a small square viewfinder box on the screen that shows the frame inside which your recording takes place. There will not be any change in the orientation of the video even if you tilt or hold your phone upright or hold it at any preferred angle. The video stays balanced and remains wide screen all the while when you play the recorded file.

Horizon Camera Android App

Horizon Camera for Android features three main modes of usage namely Flex, Rotate and Locked. All of them can be selected by tapping on the border or enclosure like icon on the top of the screen. Choosing the ‘Flex’ mode provides you with an automatic zoom feature as you tilt your device in any desired direction. To zoom out, you can revert back by tilting in the opposite direction. This feature becomes very handy while focusing and you can just hold your camera using both your hands comfortably and proceed with the zooming option without touching anywhere on the display. Then there is the ‘Rotate’ mood which eliminates this automatic zoom and just goes ahead with the horizontal frame conversion. You can also use the ‘Lock’ mode and shoot like your normal camera app. As a result, Horizon Camera can be used as a perfect or an even better alternative to your inbuilt phone camera. The recorded or to be recorded videos can be of any desired quality. The settings menu has further options to set the zoom speed, show advance video information and so on. The only slight drawback of the application is that the free version only supports a limited size of your captures in addition to an attached watermark of the application name. For even better features, you need a small in-app purchase which costs around 1$.


Horizon Camera Android app should really be a must download application for users who prefer some great eminence and class for their video captures. With its unique functions and features, the application is sure to provide a better finesse and a better finish to your frames.

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