Idle Theme Park Tycoon – Recreation Game Android App

| July 15, 2019

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is an android gaming app developed by Codigames. The theme of the game is to create and run a theme park manage it efficiently, add more attractions and become a business tycoon! The game is really addictive and has an attractive gameplay. At the beginning we own a small theme park and later on we need to make it a larger one which accommodates large number of visitors by including more rides and other facilities. Expanding the park to different areas is also a great way to earn more money and become the richest of all!

How it works

The Idle Theme Park Tycoon Recreation Game app for android owns a very simple gameplay and it depends on how you simulate the theme park. The main aim is to earn money and it can be acquired by adding and upgrading different rides. As you earn more money, you can unlock more features and also can purchase new islands. The features of Idle Theme Park Tycoon android app includes adding spooky horror house, fun house, new employees, security guards to provide more security and comfortable to the visitors etc. Upgrading the rides requires money but still we can earn more money by inhibiting more visitors and also by increasing the ticket rates.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Recreation Game Android App

The users can check their theme park stats and could identify what all changes are needed to make it much more efficient. The park stats consist of the ticket earnings, earnings from rides, parking rates, capacity of the rides etc. By analyzing the stats, we can found out the most profitable and also the least profitable rides in the park. Moving to new islands provides the opportunity to increase our income to twice and thrice of our previous income. Another way is to make campaigns and advertisements to attract more visitors and provide them with great experience and also better parking facilities. Adding new ticket booths when the waiting line is long and also managing the food courts efficiently are also some good methods to earn more money.


In Idle Theme Park Tycoon Recreation app the decisions taken by the players play a major role in their success in the game. Having a good control in all aspects starting from hiring sufficient employees, providing them with necessary wages, investing money to make better basic facilities etc. leads to a better comfortable theme park. The graphics and the animations used in the game were top class. It includes many challenges for the players to overcome and different rides are been also included in different stages. The user can save the progress in Cloud for further backup and it contains in-app purchases and also ads in between.


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