Image to PDF Converter for Android Review

| February 6, 2017

Are looking for an application to convert images into a single file? If yes, then Vidlabs has an answer for you. Designed with perfection, one of the best rated applications on Play Store, the Image to PDF for Android has secured near to a hundred thousand installations with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. Image to PDF app is a free download from Play Store.

Conversion rate as 100% in a few seconds

The user interface of Image to PDF Android app is simple, clean and sturdy. Once after successful installation, launch of the app opens up the images stored in the device. On the launch screen, all images are displayed for selection along with multiple icons as delete, add, movement of images orders and a convert to pdf option at the bottom center. The primary function of the app is the conversion of all the selected images in a user pre-determined order into a pdf file. The app supports all image formats including jpeg, png, bmp and tiff.

Image to PDF Converter for Android

Image to PDF for Android supports sharing option which allows the converted file to be shared as email or stored on the cloud. The app is compatible with both smartphone and tablets. The only snag of the application is the marketing advertisements popping on the bottom of the screen which can be ignored considering it as a free application.

Simple yet Powerful

Image to PDF for Android delivers what it promises to bring on the table. Being a simple application, it requires a mere memory for installation. It also supports external storage media files and camera snapshots to convert all the moments in a single file for future reference. Grab a free copy of the app from Play Store to reinvent a new way of storing images in a few taps.


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