Impossible Tracks Car Driving Simulator Android App Review

| August 8, 2018

Impossible Tracks for Android is a car driving simulator game that simulates car driving and racing. All kind of crazy car stunts with precision perfection is possible on Impossible Tracks game. Numerous challenges are thrown all the way that makes a thrilling car ride. You get to choose your car and the terrain. The roads are curvy and filled with obstacles. It is one of the most thrilling car stunts games you could ever have played.

Let’s make it possible

Impossible Tracks – Car Driving Simulator for Android offers a unique experience with this adventure packed 3D experience. The graphics are realistic with cars of real life models, mechanics and the driving simulation. As you get on to the steering wheel, you need to drive more sensibly, as obstacles are placed and have to be avoided. You hit any hurdle you will be pulled down to the lower level. If you complete a challenge within the given time without getting hit, you will be promoted to the next level. The vehicle controls are really intuitive. You will be able to race through the curves, ups and downs very smoothly with a swipe on the screen. Apply brakes wherever you find it necessary and can do tilt steering control quite easily.

Impossible Tracks Car Driving Simulator Android App Review

Variety of sports cars is on the offer which includes Prado, Ferrari, Pajero, army trucks and hummer. The terrain is not easy and reminds of driving school training at level 1 and you are expected to drive slowly in the first two levels. You get to learn new driving skills as you drive through the narrow, ramp roads with sharp turns. Stunning graphics and animations with real engine sounds will make it an all round realistic experience. As you drive through you will have to apply dangerous stunts to get through the hurdles.


Impossible Tracks – Car Driving Simulator game for Android has a great gameplay with stunts suitable for the adventurous minds. Each level is more thrilling and enjoyable than the other. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to upgrade your car models.


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