InkHunter Android App Review

| February 28, 2018

InkHunter for Android is a free mobile app used to design tattoos and test it on your hand in real time with augmented reality technology. It’s a haven for people planning to get inked. It gives you a chance to test out tattoos before you do it permanently. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Getting perfectly inked

As you download and open InkHunter – Try Tattoo Designs for Android, there is a short tutorial that has three images which you can follow through. The app requires you to draw three lines, an emoji style smiley, anywhere on your body where you want to get tattooed. You need to choose a tattoo design. Next, when you point your camera at the smiley face you drew on your body, the face will get disappeared and will be replaced with the tattoo. The augmented reality technology uses the phones camera combined with the three lines on your body, to position and overlay the tattoo design. Through your smartphone screen you can actually see the tattooed design on your body.

InkHunter Android App Review

InkHunter – Try Tattoo Designs for Android has various options by which you can get your tattoo design. You have tattoo gallery which is stocked with creations from different artists, you will find colorful to black and white images, there are cartoon to realistic drawings and abstract to modern art. The App allows you to add your own tattoo design from a camera or a downloaded image. You can also use the ‘Create your Tattoo’ option that allows you to add text creations from a number of different fonts. InkHunter allows you to take a photo of your AR tattoo for future reference. This helps if you want to take a better look at it or send it to someone for a second opinion before you decide to get inked. The photo feature includes a few filters for editing shots.


Now, getting a virtual tattoo is much less complicated than getting a real tattoo. The next time when you are not too sure of the tattoo design you can always use InkHunter – Try Tattoo Designs for Android. It is much better than getting your body pierced with the wrong one.


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