Jora Jobs Job Search Android App Review

| August 28, 2018

Jora Jobs – Job Search, Vacancies & Employment for Android is a job search portal which helps job seekers search and finds their dream job at dream location. It acts like a job search portal with jobs sourced directly from companies, their websites and associations. The job posts are categorised by job type, salary and location. This makes job search easier. There are more than 2 lakhs+ jobs for various occupation and designation that enables you to find your ideal job. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

Kick start your career with your dream job

Jora Jobs for Android is a simple yet intuitive search engine. Based on your profile, the app provides you with keywords that match your job interest and education. Using these keywords you can nab the right job. The process of applying is simple and fast. You have an option, Quick Apply, which helps you with fast application. Also, you can attach your resume to the profile. The app remembers your recent job search and lists all the job posts that match your previous search. You can search by keyword, title, location, company and job type. The job type has been narrowed down to every possible options like, full time, part time, contract, BPO, casual, freelance, temporary, contract, graduate and so on. These keywords help you refine the search.

Jora Jobs Job Search Android App Review

The job listings are across industry, including public, private sector and government jobs. The Find jobs near me feature will get you jobs close to your locality. This helps you save time. Every refresh will bring you fresh jobs and you can view just the new jobs since your last search. Push notifications will help you find favorite jobs. You can email all the shortlisted jobs and also the free daily alert will send you all the latest job offers to your email.


Jora Jobs – Job Search, Vacancies & Employment for Android is one of the best job search portals in Australia and UK. With this app, you do not have to sift through dozens of other job websites like the Seek, Indeed and so on, it collects all the job vacancies on every job sites and post it on one portal. You just need to create an account with Jora to access all benefits across all devices.


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