JumpBall.io iPhone Game App Review

| February 3, 2018

Are you looking for a time killer game? Check this one out: JumpBall.io for iPhone. It is an addictive real-time multiplayer online game with AR Party mode. You just got to jump to crush the enemies and conquer the battle ground. The game may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Jump to Crush

JumpBall.io for iPhone features short games that you can finish under 3 minutes. It is short, but intense. Every second of the game play requires your complete attention and skills. The AR compatibility brings in lots of fun. You just need to tap to open AR Party mode that matches you and your pals nearby. When the jumping battle ends, make good use of the sharing function to showcase your honours on Facebook. If you are competitive minded who loves a nice match up with friends, the game gives you an option to create a game room and compete against friends. Or you can team up with them to defeat others. Also, you can go to online mode to search for people around you. Either play with friends, or just make friends in the game. Either way, it is fun.

JumpBall.io iPhone Game App Review

JumpBall.io game has some nice nuances. That is, you can’t relax until the game is over. If you take the crown, it does not mean that you can always take the crown. Watch out for those little balls that are preparing sneak attack. Otherwise you could lose your prize in the very last second. In the game, you need to work your way up the leaderboard by collecting energy to grow bigger. You got to dash across the area, and conquer opponents’ territories. Also, use jump attacks to damage or wipe out any opponent in your way. You should also be careful that you’re not crushed by others hopping around to kill you. It is a seemingly easy concept, but difficult to master. The graphics is decent, if not great. The game is also slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.0+.

Final Take

JumpBall.io for iPhone is an amazing game. The real fun is in playing with friends, teaming up and competing against others. The game play is challenging enough. You got to be on your toes to dominate your opponents. The leaderboard is a big motivation to play the game longer. Performance wise, it is stable as well. Check it out if you’re a fan of multi-player games.


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