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Kanji Study App for iPhone Review

| December 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you want to learn Japanese, perhaps Kanji Study app for iPhone would come just handy. Developed by Chase Colburn, the app provides thousands of lessons on how to read/write Japanese Kanji characters. Among the many tutor apps in App Store, this one stands out for its focus on focus on subsets of the JLPT kanji. Kanji Study iPhone app can be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Kanji Study App Features

Kanji Study app for iPhone allows you to focus on subsets of the JLPT kanji and drill them for optimal retention. The study plan is based on splitting Kanji characters into four groups. That is, you begin from Level 4 that has about 100 characters and move progressively through each level to attain proficiency. As you learn you assign each a rating based on how well you know them, eventually allowing you to just review those that are less familiar. For each Kanji, there are readings, definitions, stroke order animations, examples and more. The examples sentences with translation into English come handy. Further, you can tag kanji to quickly look them up later and even shuffle the sets of kanji while studying.

Kanji Study App for iPhone

It should be kept in mind that Kanji Study iPhone application is not meant for people who do not have a fundamental knowledge of Japanese. You’re supposed to learn hiragana, then katagana, before proceeding to Kanji. If you can’t follow hirangana, you’ll find it tough to follow Kanji. In terms of features, Kanji Study for iPhone is a beginner level app. The one-time upgrade for $1.99 will provide an additional 100 free Kanji lessons and more.

The fact that one starts with Level 4 instead of Level 1 can be a bit confusing to few. Also, if you accidentally tap on the wrong area in the main screen, you might be forced to wade your way through some pop ups before starting again. But such little shortcomings apart, the app functions gracefully.

Kanji Study is compatible with iOS versions 3.0 or higher.


Kanji Study app for iPhone comes across as a decent app to learn Kanji characters, if you already got a footing already in hiragana and katagana. The learning experience is good, with readings, definitions, stroke order animations, and lots of example sentences with translation in English aiding your progress all the way. For more features, however, you got to upgrade via an in-app purchase. To sum it up, a good tutor app to those who want to learn Kanji characters while on the move.

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