Kingo SuperUser Android App Review

| November 14, 2015

Kingo SuperUser is an Android application exclusively for a rooted smart phone. It works as a management software to supervise each and every other application and settings present in your phone. With this, you can grant and deny permissions, access even the system files and applications, uninstall any app in your smart phone including bloatware and so on. Kingo SuperUser app sizes just around 2.5 MB and is available for free in the Android Play Store.


Kingo SuperUser app for Android lets you take control of all the applications of your device. For such an application to activate itself, you need to root your phone initially. Rooting will provide the app with complete controls of its features and as a result, it makes you decide each and everything related to the other applications of your phone. The app offers more easiness and help to any other application that requires root permissions. You can simply access those authorization options and grant or reject them using Kingo SuperUser app.Even while being an application to access and control the system permissions, the makers have tried their best in making Kingo SuperUser an attractive app with all the necessary colours and graphics. A neat interface, nice-looking menu screen and fast responsive icons and controls provides a pleasant experience just like using any file manager. The menu is divided into three tabs, one to access the permission features of all the applications, system files and settings, the second one to uninstall or remove any app including the system files and the third one to display recommended or must-have root applications to enhance or customize your android device.

Kingo SuperUser Android App Review
Working on the application is very easy and smooth. Just a few swipes or touches is all what you need to control every process. All the application are displayed as list with the desired operational icon situated on the right end. The processes are user friendly with the right amount of pop-ups and descriptions appearing often to assist you.


In favour of more customization options, you may need to root your phone and install many root related applications. Kingo SuperUser [Root] is meant to be the manager of all such applications including the ones present in your phone letting you be in command of all their accesses and permissions.


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