KinScreen Advanced Screen Control Android App Review

| April 20, 2019

KinScreen is an android application developed by TEQTIC for devices running Android version 4.0 or above. The app has fetched an outstanding rating of 4.4 out of 5 and more than 100 thousand installations on the Google Play Store. KinScreen for Android automatically manages screen time out and enables the users to make their devices convenient for use. It no more tends the users to touch the screen to stop it from timing out. This app is a free download.


KinScreen for Android delivers a user convenient platform. It is done by automatically turn on the screen by uncovering the proximity sensor and also automatically turns off the screen after 10 seconds since the proximity sensor is covered. When the phone is taken out of your pocket or bag instead of pressing button, screen is on and the phone is immediately ready for use. Considering the situation where the button is not functioning, this app is a great deal for the users with such kind of difficulties. KinScreen app also has the feature of keeping the screen on when motion is detected or when the phone is tilted up by more than 45 degrees. It assumes that the phone is using if it is at an angle rather than flat on a table.

The screen can be turned on by:
Waving over the proximity sensor
Uncovering proximity sensor
By detected motion
Waving or keeping hand over proximity sensor
By tilt angle
While using apps
While in-call
While charging

Since the sensor is covered for about 10 seconds the screen will be automatically turned off. This feature enables the user to save their battery life and also helps to avoid certain cases where screen doesn’t turn off when you are in call or the phone is in the pocket or bag etc.

KinScreen Advanced Screen Control Android App Review

To turn screen off:
Covering the proximity sensor
After a regular timeout
After a maximum keep on time
When no features are active


The main thing about KinScreen for Android is making the screen turn on or off more conveniently and more systematically. It is a useful tool for automating the screen on/off function for the android mobile users. KinScreen app is of very less size and uses only less RAM for its functionality. It needs permission for modifying system settings for modifying screen time-out. It doesn’t drain much battery and several options are available as per the user’s interest.


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