Kodi Media Center Android App Review

| January 26, 2017

Entertainment is one of the main ingredients of life that adds fun and excitement in our life. After all, who could imagine life without a little bit of fun and entertainment. Now, with the advancement in technology, the way to get entertained has evolved over time. Now, there are some apps on the Google Play Store that enhances your entertainment. One such app is the Kodi Media Center for Android. The app does not limit entertainment to your mobile phone but helps you to get more out of your Home Entertainment Systems. So, let us take a look at some of the features of the app that helps you to get the most of the home entertainment system.


Kodi app for Android has a lot of users across the world and it is no wonder why it is that way. The app really has a lot of features and all of them help you to get the best out of the entertainment systems. The app was formerly known as XMBC Media Center. It is basically a cross platform media playing software and a media hub for Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC). The biggest feature of the app is that it has a 10 foot Graphic User Interface (GUI) which is optimally designed for the Home Theatre PC. You just need to upload your media files and then get transported to a world of limitless entertainment. The app supports a wide range of media files so that you can play any file without being too much of hassle.

Kodi Media Center Android App Review

The user interface of Kodi Android app is quite attractive and allows you to browse and view videos and play any other media with ease. However, you must know that the Kodi app itself doesn’t give you access to any content. You need to load all the content into Kodi and you would get to experience it with ease.


Install Kodi app for android if you are looking to get the most of the HTPC system. The compatibility of the app is another great feature. You can play practically any file on the app. So, get the Kodi app today and get the best entertainment app for your Android phone.


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