Learn JavaScript iPhone App Review

| May 10, 2019

JavaSript is one of the most popular computer languages, especially when it comes to designing websites. This is the reason why knowledge of JavaScript highly valued in the IT and ITes industry across the world. Now, you might be thinking that to learn JS (as JavaScript is often known), you have to enroll at a college or institute and pay for the hefty tuition. Well, what if I said that all you need to do is download an app on your iPhone? Yes, learning the JavaScript language has become that easy all thanks to the Learn JavaScript app for iPhone as developed by Solo Learn Inc.

Learning Becomes Easy

Learn JavaScript for iPhone is specifically designed to make the learning process easy and hassle free. You can really use the app to learn JS anytime, anywhere. Whether you are getting some time off between periods, or you are out for your business lunch, you can just take out your iPhone and you are ready to go. We have talked about the convenience that you get from the app, but what about the knowledge. One of the best things about the app is that it covers basically everything – right from the basics to the more advanced concepts. The chapters are written in a simple lucid language, so even students from high schools can understand it, without practically any knowledge about computers. Another big advantage is that it comes with a JS emulator. This allows you to practice the codes that you have learned. You can also try out your own codes and see how they work. All in all, this is one of the best apps that you can try out when it comes to learning JavaScript on your iPhone.

Learn JavaScript iPhone App Review


One of the most effective apps for learning JavaScript
Simple chapters
Easier to track your progress
You can take part in challenges with your friends
You can use the emulator to check codes, website content edit, validate forms and do other such things.

Learn JS Anytime, Anywhere

Download Learn JavaScript for iPhone and take the first step towards learning JS and become an expert in no time. Get the help that you need from this one app and become an expert in JavaScript in almost no time.


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