LIKE Magic Video Maker Android App Review

| December 28, 2018

LIKE Magic Video Maker & Community for Android helps you share fun videos, trendy lip-syncing music videos, entertaining shows and much more with all your friends. The app has a variety of options like adding special effects and music to your videos. Moreover, download new trending videos every day. You also get to choose from millions of songs in the background of your video and even choose a song saved on your smart phone. LIKE app allows you to create interesting videos on the go.

Add Magic to your Videos

LIKE Magic Video Maker for Android has more than 300+ unique magic effects and also offers all-in-one video editing tools. Show your creativity with one-touch and enjoy the Sci-Fi effects with “Super Power”, “Flying” and “Lilliput.” Stand out among all your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with special magic effects video maker. Play with millions of social influencers across the globe and discover something new every day. It has a unique music magic filter which helps you to mix music and magic effect together effortlessly. With a simple click, Mix Effects makes your videos faster and better. Experience the Boom effects in your videos just like the Hollywood War movies. Get a new brand magical experience with world’s first Magic Live and beautify the live vlogger according to your terms. Using simple body movements, you can control rain, snow, thunder and earth.

LIKE Magic Video Maker Android App Review

Have Fun with Video Effects

Though there are many video editing apps, LIKE Magic Video Maker for Android is the better one as it is not only fun and easy to use but also its user base is large enough which makes browsing worthwhile. Making videos is on the click of some taps. But the app has its own limitation. The video effects, filters and animations are imperfect sometimes but work well overall. The app also promises to get upgraded with new features which will guarantee user experience even on low end mobiles. Besides these, it also lets the user lip-sync their favorite songs to make the video more appealing. LIKE Video Maker for Android aims to be the biggest online video community and has reached one million downloads on Google Play Store.


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