Logo Maker Plus Android App Review

| June 12, 2018

Logo Maker Plus for Android helps to create original logos and designs with thousands of free custom editing tools. It is a professional graphic design & logo creator app that makes attractive logos in a snap. The app makes it super-easy for everyday users to create logo for their new business, for a sports team, a school event or a new product and whatever may the purpose be.

Get creative with Logo Maker

Logo Maker Plus for Android is quick to download and install. The app is loaded with thousands of free graphic elements and editing options using which you can create original logos and designs. Get absolutely creative with wide variety of different pictures and images that you can use in logos as well as lots of different fonts to use. Different types of icons available every category that you will need. The app uses an easily manipulated what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that allows to pinch and zoom to make objects larger or smaller and moving objects and text around. You can use custom filters on icons, change colour of the icons, or use a texture image to colour your logo. You can create original colour gradients and use them on your logos. With the right texture, a simple, straightforward icon is going to look very different for your design. The app not just have free logo design templates with which you can create new designs, it also offers you tools to create original logo designs for your needs.

Logo Maker Plus Android App Review

Additionally, you can design Facebook covers, Twitter posts, Twitter header pictures, Pinterest graphic posters, YouTube cover photos, thumbnails and many more. This proves that Logo Maker is more than just creating logo designs. All your social media needs can be fulfilled in a short time and you can call Logo Maker Plus a cover maker, banner designer, photo editor or a poster maker. You and many more.


With simple and straightforward step-by-step procedure that is easy to follow and without much questions, start using Logo Maker Plus Android app and see the difference. You can make an original logo in no time with this all in one logo generator. Most of your graphic design needs can be handled in one place.


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