LoungeBuddy iPhone App Review

| May 13, 2017

Air travel has become the most convenient and hence, the most preferred way to travel around the world. However, not everything is convenient about air travel. One of the most frustrating things is waiting for the flight! Now, you can get rid of the frustration with the help of LoungeBuddy app for iPhone. This one app would really make air travel really easy and convenient. So, what are the features of the app? So, let’s check the app shall we?

Making Air Travel Simpler with LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy app for iPhone helps you the view, book and access lounges in airports from across the world. With the help of this app, you can book exclusive lounges with just a few simple taps. You can search for lounges based on the trip, class of tickets, memberships, credit cards and a lot of other factors. You can check out the images and the amenities. You can check out exclusive lounges from over 800 airports and 2000 lounges. When you like the lounge, you can book it with Apple Pay or your credit card. After that, you would get the access to the lounge.

LoungeBuddy iPhone App Review

What You Would Like About the App?

You can book more than 2000 lounges from over 800 airports.
You can easily manage your profile.
It supports all major credit cards and Apple Pay.


If you are a frequent traveller, then LoungeBuddy iPhone app is one of the best apps for you. It really makes it easy to book lounges from some of the busiest airports from around the world. It has an amazing user interface so you can do what you want without any hassles. So, download the LoungeBuddy app and get the best experience when you are travelling by air.


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