Love Stickers for WhatsApp Android App Review

| November 23, 2018

Android Love Stickers for WhatsApp is a great tool for the love torn couples to share their thoughts through WhatsApp. It is not easy to express certain feelings in words, especially when it comes to love. This sticker app comes to your rescue with hundreds of love stickers and emoji. Stickers help people to communicate in ease. Use the romantically themed stickers provided in the app, made specifically for WhatsApp, to convey your feelings. A few taps and you create a sticker of your choice. Love Stickers for WhatsApp app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Get your love life kicking with Love Stickers

Love Stickers for WhatsApp is both fun and motivationally themed collection of love stickers where you can even create them. Download, install and open the app. The interface is intuitive and has minimal controls necessary for simple and straightforward app. Its controls are pretty swift and easy that helps you chat in WhatsApp. Create love stickers using texts, images, emoticons, and smiles and add sticker text in your own language. For the Indian users, it has Shayeri in Hindi. The Shayeri are categorized into heart broken, general love, fun and motivational. Easily search for an image you prefer to send from the search option by typing keywords.

Love Stickers for WhatsApp Android App Review

You will find love sticker for every milestone in a love life and occasions. It could be Valentine’s day, rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, kiss day, hug day, birthdays and Anniversary. Use the same love expression to create different stickers with text and add on. Edit these images to create collage and greeting cards. Send or share these love stickers to friends and either through SMS or through social networking sites.


Love Stickers for WhatsApp has numerous romantically themed stickers that help express your feelings to your Valentine. Most liked app for its premium stickers especially for WhatsApp users. Choose any love expression and respond in the most romantic way possible. Create love collage and love greeting cards with your creativity.


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