Marvel – Design and Prototype iPhone App Review

| January 1, 2018

If you design mobile apps, then you would know that the ‘make or break’ feature of any app. Now, designers often look for tools that would help them to visualize the design and get an idea about how the design would work. Well, now you have Marvel – Design and Prototype app for iPhone that allows you to create efficient design prototypes for your application.

Design Amazing Apps with a Few Touches

Marvel – Design and Prototype for iPhone makes it real easy to create a prototype of your app. You can easily set the design of your app by using Marvel’s collection of images, fonts and icons. You can also us your own sketches as icons. Then you can create a demo by linking individual pages together and then just hit ‘play’. It is that simple. Marvel allows you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues via email, SMS and even social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Marvel - Design and Prototype iPhone App Review

App Highlights

See demo for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Wide collection of stock images and graphics that you can use
Syncing with Marvel web account


If you are an app designer, then Marvel – Design and Prototype for iPhone is definitely the app for you. It has got effective and easy to use tools. So, install the app and design your awesome app.


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