Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga Android App Review

| July 3, 2019

It has been a long accepted fact that meditation helps us find inner peace. It is a powerful yet simple technique to supercharge our mind and enhance our cognitive abilities. According to research, listening to music too has therapeutic benefits. Certain kinds of music have the ability to help tune your mind to a desired state. A combination of meditation and music is known to increase the benefits of both. Meditating with soothing music playing in your ears makes you a stronger person mentally. By being at peace with yourself, you can overcome anxiety and depression. The calm environment created by gentle music increases the effectiveness of the meditation process. With the advent of mobile technology, it is now possible to unleash the power of meditation music on your smart phones. The Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga Android App from Relaxio is one from the Google Play Store.

How it works

Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga app for android provides a great collection of soothing ambient music that can enhance your meditation, relaxation and improve your sleep cycle. The music has been curated by experts and professionals to ensure that you get maximum benefit. The Meditation Music android app offers you the option to customize individual sounds and make the music your own. The pleasing background images add a calming effect. The music is HD quality, with sounds and melodies that truly relax your mind.

Meditation Music Relax, Yoga Android App Review

There is a timer with gong that you can set to adjust how long you want it to play. The Meditation Music Relax, Yoga app for android offers 12 different meditation sounds grouped under the following themes – Sunrise, Gentle Morning, Perfect Rain, Peaceful Lake, Nature Forest Melodies, Heaven Sounds, Soft Piano, Inspiration Melodies, Convent Sounds, Seaside Relaxation, Temple in the Hills Sounds, Mystic Temple Music. Although you can meditate or practice yoga to the app any time of the day, the best time to connect is early morning time.


A beautiful selection of music to accompany your yoga and meditation routines, this Meditation Music Relax, Yoga android app definitely facilitates deep meditation, induces relaxation, improves your sleep pattern and contributes to your general well-being. With more than 1 million downloads, this app is free to download.


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