Mimo: Learn to Code iPhone App Review

| April 29, 2019

Mimo: Learn to Code is an iOS platform education application which offers learning from basics to advanced topics in computer science including coding. This app enables the students to make applications, games and websites, etc using different programming languages. It is one of the best personalized education app available in the iOS market. Learn coding of different programming languages and keep track of the progress, collect achievements and badges within more than 4 million learners.

Coding & Programming Made Easy

The free period of Mimo: Learn to Code for iPhone is 7 days or a default trial of 15 minutes in each field is free. After the free period, the user needs to subscribe for Mimo premium which costs around $30 for 1 year or $10 for one month for continuing learning (prices may differ in different countries). The programming languages available in Mimo are: Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Git, Command line etc.

Mimo: Learn to Code iPhone App Review

Mimo: Learn to Code iPhone app starts with small basics with bite size exercises then progresses to high levels of coding in different programming languages. It is a well-constructed education platform which suits best for all age groups who seeks learning. It breaks down the lessons into small blocks, allowing aspirants to learn easily each blocks gradually. There are also levels in the application starting from beginner, intermediate etc. the manufacturer is also planning to expand course library to add topics like hacking, machine learning, R, Raspberry Pi and Terminal etc. Each block in the app begins with a short sentence about the content in the block. Each block contains upto 2 minutes segments, starts with explanations then to interactive questions and answers. The answers provided by the student is recorded and immediate feedback is provided. Correct answers make improvements in the progress of the student.


Mimo: Learn to Code for iPhone improvises the academic level and thinking capabilities of the student and also enables them to work hard to achieve their goals. It is supported in iOS supported devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the minimum software requirement is iOS 8.0 or above. Latest version update include objects properties which makes learning codes much easier. This app is one of the best educational applications released in the iOS platform.


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