Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance Android App Review

| August 30, 2018

Managing your bank accounts, credit cards, transactions, investments or bill payments are a headache these days. The makers of the TurboTax have come up with a compatible app named Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance app for Android which can manage all this. The app helps to put the complete frame of your financial life at one single place. Not just know your account balance, but get to know which of your bills are outstanding or yet to be paid. Also get smarter by marking your daily budgets just by the click of an app.

Full Stop to Financial stress

Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance app for Android has come as a savior to millions of people around the world with solutions to insight on how much money you have, your pending bill amounts and how to save and spend in future. The best feature is that you get to know your credit score even without a credit card. The app also automatically updates and sorts the information easily. The app also visualizes the money flow with the help of bar graphs. Mint has been rated among the top 50 best apps in the Times Magazine.

Mint Budget Bills Finance Android App

Mint app is specifically designed for all the Android users to help solve their financial life and put their problems at ease. It has been termed as one of the polished apps which has been praised by many financial publications for its perfect and timely features.

A Five Star Financial App

The only negative point of Mint: Finance app for Android would be that some of its features can only be accessible in the full website version. Otherwise, this is a five star app which even has the feature of alerting you to your unusual spending. In short, Mint is the best and the most simple app which can aptly manage your finance from any Android phone.


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