MultiTimer: Multiple Timers iPhone App Review

| November 16, 2017

There is an old saying that says ‘Time is Money’. Well, this applies for the modern day lifestyle even more accurately than it did in the earlier days. Today, we have to manage our time seriously so to complete tasks on time. Now, you might have scheduler to deal with your daily schedule but there are tasks for which you have to use a countdown timer. For example, while cooking, you need to manage the preparation time for each dish. If you have an iOS phone, then you can solve that issue with ease with the help of the MultiTimer: Multiple Timers app for iPhone.

Managing Multiple Countdowns with a Few Simple Taps

MultiTimer: Multiple Timers for iPhone helps you to set countdowns for everything – from days to even minutes. This way you can create countdowns for counting down days to Christmas as well as counting down minutes till your chicken is done for dinner. You can run them side by side. You can assign different icons to different icons or customize them by changing their color. The app also allows you to set a wide variety of timers including Quick timer, Count-up timer, Pomodoro, Interval timer, Stopwatch, Lap timer and Counter. The maximum time you can set a time is 100 days and you can count down to days, hours, minutes and seconds. The app comes with a simple interface that allows you to stop, pause or resume a timer with a single tap.

MultiTimer iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Large Variety of Controls
Different Layouts to Choose From
Customizable commands and timer configurations
Siri support
Apple watch support
Customizable colors, sounds, alerts and notifications


MultiTimer: Multiple Timers app for iPhone is a simple and effective app for iOS users. It really adds more depth to the process of setting a countdown timer and makes it more useful. So, install the app today and manage your time more effectively.

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