Musicolet Music Player Android App Review

| April 15, 2018

Musicolet Music Player for Android is a lightweight music app with a simple design and tons of features. Musicolet is the only music player for Android which provides multiple queue features. With this app, you can create and modify queues while listing from another queue with ease. The app is a free download from Google Play Store

Grooving to the Music in Style

Musicolet Music Player for Android has a simple and minimalistic user interface. There are no separate windows. Tracks, artist, genres and the ‘Now Playing’ screen are in one row. You just have to swipe between them to access it. It has a built in 5 band equalizer with presets, surround sound and bass. It has just two different theme options, light and dark. The app is compact and it is less than 2 MB. While listening from one queue, you can create and manage other queues. You can play songs from a different list without losing your current queue. The app creates a new queue for each list of songs. You can easily resume playing songs from old queue anytime and the position of the last played song in the queue is always remembered.

Musicolet Music Player Android App Review

Earphone controls are quick and easy. You single tap for pause and play, double tap for next, triple tap for previous song and more than four taps will fast forward the some. With easy share option, you can share any song from anywhere in the app with your friends. People who have the habit of wearing their earphones while sleeping; sleep timer feature is apt for them. You can set the timer for music to stop. It allows editing of ID3 tags of songs and bulk renaming of album, artist and genres. Musicolet Music Player supports linear as well as hierarchical folder structure and allows you to browse songs by folder. Awesome looking widgets let you control music from your home screen. You can zoom album art to full screen and save it to gallery. Also, allows you to take screen shots of playing screen and share it with hashtag.


Musicolet Music Player for Android is a 100% free music app with absolutely no ads and no internet permission. Compact and does not eats up your phone memory, it covers all functionalities needed for any music player and much more. Created beautifully by a bunch of music lovers with love so you could get the best of experience.


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