NeroKwik App for Android Review

| December 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

NeroKwik app for Android is a handy app that let you easily backup your photos to the cloud (via sync) and share it with your friends/family any time. This will be useful if you got to share photos with friends who are not in SNS. NeroKwik can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.

NeroKwik App Features

NeroKwik app for Android basically creates a cloud based photo environment to easily organize and share your photos. Once synced to the cloud, you can access your photos from any mobile device or social network. The notable feature of NeroKwik for Android is the ability to create photo collages known as ‘tapestries’. From a broader perspective, it is just another photo collage, but with a different name to it. You might have seen other apps doing just that more efficiently. But that does not mean that NeroKwik is inferior to its competitors. It is extremely easy to create tapestries with NeroKwik for Android. And you can share it with others as well quite easily via SNS or email.

NeroKwik App for Android

The real benefit of NeroKwik Android app is that if you got a friend or family member who does not use social media like Facebook, they still can access your tapestries/photos. On the downside, NeroKwik does not provide any means for offline back up. The backup must be done via sync to the cloud. In other words, you got to have an active internet connection to use NeroKwik.

NeroKwik application got a very friendly user interface. Even a novice could create tapestries in minutes, if not seconds. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 4.0 or higher. It got a download size of 6mb.

Final Thoughts

NeroKwik app for Android is not any path breaking app in its genre. You can find apps with similar features in Google Play Store. On the positive side, you can organize and share photo collages easily using the app. And it comes really handy to those who do not have a social media profile. Lack of offline backup is a downer; the app is also not backward compatible with earlier Android OS versions. Overall, an app worth trying out once; but it is unlikely that you’ll be tempted to keep it in your Android device forever.


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