Ninja Painter Android Game App Review

| February 1, 2018

Ninja Painter for Android is a fun, challenging, and fast paced game involving twists and turns, and of course, ninjas. If you are a fan of ninjas, you don’t need any other motivation to download and play this game. Ninja Painter game may be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.

The Game

Ninja Painter for Android has everything you expect from a game of this genre. Your objective is to help your ninja find its way through each puzzle maze. Each of the maze is designed differently and has its own color code trails. You got to assist ninjas make their way successfully through the mazes with the available cues. The game has 4 layouts and 69 levels to complete. So that should keep you busy for few hours on end, if not minutes. As the ninjas paint their way forward, you’ll earn bonuses and rack up points. It is up to you to figure out which way you should head to earn more points. As mentioned, the game is pretty challenging and fast paced. You got to be focused all the time.

Ninja Painter Android Game App Review

The appearance of Ninja Painter is colourful. It does not have fancy 3D graphics. But its colorful and simplistic images and bright background designs standout. The overall layout is easy to figure out, even for a first time gamer. The animation is slick and smooth. The free version of the app is ad-supported. But the ad placements are random and does not affect the game play in a big way. Still if you want to get rid of the ads, you can do it through an IAP. Performance wise, the game is stable and responsive. We’d never encountered any lags or freezes while testing the app.

Final Take

Ninja Painter for Android is a fun and entertaining game to play for people of all age groups. Since it is a free app, there is nothing to lose by downloading the game. Even though the premise of the game appears to be simple, it gets more challenging as you advance through the levels. Bonuses and points will be an added motivation to move forward. The animations are smooth and colourful. UI layout is user friendly. The ads might be an annoyance for few. It is also stable. Check it out if you are a fan of ninja games and puzzles.


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