Notification History Log Android App Review

| December 31, 2017

Have you cleared any notification accidentally? Do you want to check any notification that you have already deleted? Notification History Log for Android could give you a helping hand. It helps you to retrieve your old notifications that you’d cleared recently. You can download the app for free from Google Play.


Notification History Log Android app gives you access to Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently. The best part of the application is Advanced History Log feature where you will get full control over your notifications. It works in all phones running Kitkat or higher versions of Android. The app gives a default view wherein it opens Android’s default Notification Log screen, if available. In advanced view, which you will be interested in, you can see advanced details of the notification like app name, package name, notification time, app notification icon, title and description of the notification. From advanced view, you can directly open the notification, view app details and see play store listing details of the application. From advanced view, users can also clear all notifications at once, open advanced view by default. It also got a robust search function to help you find specific notifications, or those from a specific app. Further, you can choose to blacklist specific apps from Notification History Log if you don’t want them showing.

Notification History Log Android App Review

However, features such as swipe to delete individual notification, unlimited notification log size, and the option to blacklist comes only with the paid pro-version. It will cost you $1.53. The paid version also allows you to remove ads and let you export notifications to Excel. The UI layout is user friendly. Performance wise, the app is found to be slick and responsive as well.


Notification History Log app for Android let you access your recent logs that you’d deleted. It gives full control over your notifications, and provides a glance into further details that you can’t access otherwise. It search feature is robust and precise. However, for features that let you blacklist apps or unlimited log size, you got to upgrade to the pro-versions. For most people, the free version should suffice. But given the low price, it won’t hurt to upgrade to the pro-version either. Check it out if you’re looking for a similar app.


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