Notifly Android App Review

| April 27, 2019

Notifly is a free Android application which provides an advanced way of reading and replying to notifications from anywhere the user desires, that is for example if the user is playing games or watching videos or doing some another important work, without interrupting the current process the user can read or reply to the notifications. It is useful in cases where the user doesn’t want to quit the current running process and still needs to read or provide reply to an important message.


After the successful installation of Notifly app, when a notification is received, it appears as a small bubble on the device screen. When the user clicks, a popup with the content will appear in the device screen. The user can read or reply or can simply remove the notification by dragging it to the bottom of the screen. The user can access the notification from the lock screen or even from the current running activity. Notifly supports a large number of apps which include GroupMe, Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Messenger, Hangouts, Line, Skype and ChompSMS.

Notifly Android App Review

The user can also block certain conversations by using the app. The user can change the size and color of the bubble. The app feature must be turned on in the Notifly app in order to receive notification from the specified app. The main drawback is that the app hasn’t updated occasionally and some apps like IMO is also not supported. There is also issues such that the notification source app can’t be opened from the notification bubble and if the user is doing typing in any other app and the bubble pops up, the user may loses the text that he/she has been writing. System overlay must also be permitted for displaying notification over other apps.


A small sized convenient application which suits for those who needs to read or reply to the notification on the go. Notifly app can be upgraded by paying fixed amount in order to get more features such as removes ads, custom colors etc. The app requires permission for internet, access network, system modification, billing etc. This app is a free download from Google Play Store and in-app purchase can be done to upgrade the app.


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