Oceanhorn Android Game App Review

| November 28, 2018

Oceanhorn for Android is a gaming app based on Zelda series is a boys quest to find his father and mother. Based on The Legend of Zelda series, the game has a strong storyline and starts with the father writing his last letter to his son who is asleep and sets off to fight the beast of the deep, the Oceanhorn. The boy wakes to the news, and quickly sets out for an adventure in the deep woods of tropical islands in search of his father and eventually to take down the Oceanhorn himself.

Play and get immersed in the adventure of Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn game for Android has a simple and easy to use interface and the touch controls work really well. You are given a choice of different methods, like a virtual analogy stick. You need to discover locations by probing characters and get them to mention named of places you need to explore. As you reach a correct destination point, you can hear an audio message from the fathers diary. So, you can follow the same adventure the father endured. Pick up anything and everything on the way; it could be rocks, barrels, lanterns, travel beds and so on.

Oceanhorn Android Game App Review

You get to tackle a herd of enemies, and the bosses, octorok and chuchu are one of them. You need to find their weakness in order to challenge them. You will find goblins and undead skeletons and they corner you and hit you even if you are using a shield. The most challenging part is that the enemies spawn as soon as they are destroyed. Solving puzzles and reaching a goal will gain you points and goodies that help you move to the next level in your pursuit. The app works well on devices running Android 4.1 and up.


Oceanhorn Android game is definitely one of the best in its genre worth playing. Accurate game controls and customizable graphics let you master the game effortlessly. Combination of captivating story and great visuals makes this exciting game into an action adventure experience you would never want to miss. The game is a free download from Play Store.


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