PathSource Career iPhone App Review

| May 14, 2017

PathSource Career for iPhone provides everything that you might need to advance your career. This includes career advice, building a resume, access to job postings, information on industries, jobs and salaries, and videos of people from different professions. PathSource Career app may be downloaded for free of cost.


PathSource Career iPhone app teaches you what you need to do to achieve your professional goals. You can start with building a professional resume in less than ten minutes. You can also take personalized career assessments that give you specific career recommendations and connect your lifestyle with your career choice. Users can also quickly find out what salary you need to support the lifestyle you want. Those who need an insight into the ring-side view of jobs may access thousands of videos of people giving you the gritty truth about their jobs. Most importantly, it features thousands of job listings across multiple categories from different parts of the country. The videos from experienced people are a revelation. The core idea is to give career seekers a moe accurate picture and understanding of what their experience of being a real, live, employee would be like were they to pursue this path.

PathSource Career iPhone App Review

PathSource app for iPhone features 3,000+ interviews of real people talking about their jobs and what they wish they knew when they started their careers. The app also help you find the right colleges for you, if you are a student. More specifically, the app comes handy to a college or university student who needs guidance on choosing a college major or finding the right industry in which to pursue internships. The bottom-line is that PathSource guides you step-by-step through a unique career exploration process. The UI of PathSource Career app for iPhone is well designed and easy to use. Recommendations are found to be largely accurate. It is also stable and responsive. PathSource Career app requires iOS 9+.


PathSource Career app for iPhone help you build a resume, get help on your career path, and connect to jobs. Videos of people who had been through the jobs that you’re aspiring for would help you understand about the conditions, requirements, pressure and of course, the pay you can command. The app also comes handy to students who need guidance on choosing a major, or finding an industry to purse internships. For more features, you can opt for IAP. Overall, a job search app with extra features to help you find the perfect career.


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