PickU Cutout & Photo Editor Android App Review

| July 9, 2019

PickU Cutout & Photo Editor App for Android is a cutout and Photo Editor app that is infused with artificial intelligence. You may wonder why you need AI in a photo editor. Imagine, if the app automatically analyzes and identifies the parts of a picture that a user needs without them manually doing it. That is PickU for you. It is not just that. PickU can also work with gaming apps like MEmu to give you a beautiful gaming experience. Vast library of pictures that can be rehashed into numerous new pictures. And, what is the use of all this if you can’t share such wonderful ideas to the world. Well, that too is possible.

AI cutout, editing tools, 1000s of pictures and much more

PickU & Photo Editor Android app brings about a change in how you use and see a picture. The app let’s you easily create ideas and share it to the world. From the choice of pictures, it easily identifies the content fir your photo. This really does not require any manual operation at all. It is called a AI cutout. With the help of artificial intelligence, the app can automatically sift through the pictures and just cut out the right content to create your very own picture. To get this done, the app provides you with a great collection of background pictures, stickers, text and other materials.

PickU Cutout & Photo Editor Android App Review

The PickU & Photo Editor App for Android can combine up to 9 photos to create a picture collage. The layout can be customized based on your choice. Become a professional, by using the various smart photo editing tools to create amazing effects. Also, tell your unique story for each picture by adding text. It is absolutely easy to create amazing pictures.


PickU Andorid App is the most intuitive photo editor that is so easy to use. It is not much of work when artificial intelligence is involved. It is compatible with all devicesand the app works anytime and anywhere. Access to numerous photos and background pictures lets you the freedom to be creative. The app is free to download with no in app purchases but contains ads.


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