Pintasking Android App Review

| December 8, 2017

Modern day smartphones have become more than device for making and receiving calls. It has become a work-center. Given the myriad tasks that we do, it becomes really important to manage tasks. Pintasking for Android is an application that helps you to do that. If you have a smart phone, then this app would help you to get easy access to all the tools that you use. So, let’s take a look at the app shall we?

Managing Work Becomes Easy

Pintasking for Android offers you a smart and innovative way to manage tasks. It helps you to pin tasks and apps and even documents to your screen. You can access them anytime, irrespective of the app that you are using. You can easily jump to the most recent tasks. An advantage of Pintasking over similar apps is that it does not restart the tasks. The app can be easily customized as per your needs. It works with nearly all browsers on the Android platform. So, you can switch between tasks even when you are browsing the internet.

Pintasking Android App Review

App Highlights

Switch tasks easily
Highly customizable
Material design


If you find a hard time to manage all the tasks, then Pintasking for Android is an application that you would need. It is simple, smart and efficient. So, install the app today and make your life easier.


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