Portal – WiFi File Transfers iPhone App Review

| February 28, 2017

Now, your mobile and computer can work in same fashion. As technology enables you to access and transfer files/data stored in PC to your mobile. It is possible thru the application known as Portal – WiFi File Transfers for iPhone. It makes the transfer so easy, like what you do in PC-drag and drop. Portal – WiFi File Transfers app can be downloaded for free from Appleā€™s iTunes Website.


When you are using Portal – WiFi File Transfers iPhone app, your files are transferred over your Wi-Fi connection which means they do not use mobile data. In fact, this also means files are transferred very rapidly (even bigger files can be easily shared thru this application). As a Portal user, you can transfer individual files, multiple files, or entire folders at one go. Thus, there is no need to select files one by one in case you want to transfer multiple files. All files transferred from PC are stored well in phone. You can easily access, browse, open or share those files thru your phone. If you want to transfer pictures from PC to mobile, it is perfect tool for that. Even pictures which are heavy in size can be easily shared thru Portal – WiFi File Transfers application. All transferred pictures are automatically stored in phone memory.

Portal - WiFi File Transfers iPhone App Review

The user interface is designed in a simple way so that users can easily operate Portal – WiFi File Transfers app. Developers has also updated the versions to remove old bugs and enhanced compatibility. This new version of application works more efficiently with updated iOS9.When you are using Portal, you can directly scan and share files stored on PC. This makes life very simple and easy for users. The app requires iOS version (8.1) or higher and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Overall, Portal – WiFi File Transfers for iPhone adds more convenience and allows you to remotely transfers data files from PC. Hence, it is recommended for download to smoothly transfers pictures, videos, and other files from your computer into your phone. Worth trying, if you are storing data on files and PC both and need regular access to that.

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