Prepear iPhone App Review

| October 31, 2017

Home cooked food is always healthy. Prepear for iPhone provides you the tools to make every day cooking fun, and make it work. It let you collect recipes, plan a meal or organize your pantry right from within the app. Prepear can be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Prepear app for iPhone eases you into home cooking. If you are a beginner and does not know much of the recipes, use the app to collect your favorite recipes from anywhere, from Grandma’s cookbook to the web. It is also possible to customize your family favorites with a tap. The app also let you plan your meals for a week in advance. Using the Meal Planner, you can easily plan a week of meals from your Prepear Cookbook, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. The app got a smart grocery list that automatically matches your plan. That is, you don’t have to prepare a grocery list from scratch if you had your meal plans neatly charted already. It also let you organize your pantry effortlessly, by swiping Grocery List items you keep on hand straight into your Pantry. Conversely, if you run out of any item, simply swipe it back to the grocery list. Simple as that.

Prepear iPhone App Review

Of course, many of us are not expert cooks who remember every recipe. Such people may open the recipe and follow the instructions to the ‘T’. Check off steps while you cook so that you don’t do the same thing accidently. You can also use the app to inspire your friends with unique reviews and photos. The UI design of Prepear app for iPhone is easy to navigate. Creating a meal plan or organizing your pantry is a cake walk. Adding new recipes is also a straightforward process. The app is also stable.


Prepear app for iPhone helps you to be independent as far as cooking meals at home goes. From collecting recipes to creating meal plans and organizing pantry, it prepares you for every aspects related to home cooking. The smart grocery list is a nice touch so is the option to upload photos. The UI layout is user friendly. Those who want more features may opt for the Prepear Gold subscription for $12.99. You can download the package and use it for a two weeks free trial period. Overall, a nicely made cooking application to help you out with your efforts to cook healthy food at home.


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