Prezi Viewer Android App Review

| March 9, 2017

Do you find making presentations not an easy task? If yes, then Prezi Viewer for Android is the rescuer for you. It’s a productive application that creates presentations which are not only unique, but leaves a last-longing impact on the audience. The application has fetched an impeccable rating of 4.1 out of 5 and more than a hundred thousand installations in less than a month, since its inception on the Google Play Store. Prezi Viewer app is a free download from Play Store. It has secured numerous accolades from TED, STAPLES, VeriFone and box.

A new perspective with inbuilt templates

The interface of Prezi Viewer for Android is clean as a whistle. Once after installation, all one need to do is select from a number of reusable templates or blank canvas. It provides a search box to narrow down the search of templates to provide a selective list of templates to meet your need. It supports all popular file types to aid in incorporation multiple media contents in the presentation. The unique feature of the app is its transformation tool to do multiple customizations such as rotation of contents, changing frame color and changing frame type to name a few. It encompasses all the features of Microsoft PowerPoint, but distinctiveness in animation it brings on the board is spectacular.

Prezi Viewer Android App Review

Prezi Viewer Android app lets a user choose between version of the web app and desktop and the transition between editing online and offline is smooth and hassle-free. It supports multiple languages including Spanish, English, German, Italian and Korean. The app requires Android version 4.0.3 or higher and compatible with both smartphone and tablets. It is a free download, but in-app purchases unveil advanced features to make the ride of presentations as cool as a cucumber.

Collaboration for higher Productivity

Prezi Viewer for Android is a very robust application and designed to support the contemporary need of the users. With Prezi, one can share the presentation with others, and one can give them permissions to either view or edit the file. It permits multiple users to work on a single presentation and everyone who is active in the document appears in a rail on the right side of the screen with an assigned color. The only snag of the app is the lack of a conversation tab to interact with collaborators while doing the presentation. It is a great alternative for one who needs something different. It’s a worthy download if your life hovers around presentations.


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