Productive – Habit Tracker iPhone App Review

| November 29, 2017

Forming good habits is a really good way to have a productive life. Most of us might think of starting a good habit, but after a certain time, it really becomes hard to keep it up. Productive – Habit Tracker app for iPhone helps to keep track of your good habits.

Keeping up a good habit becomes easier

With Productive – Habit Tracker for iPhone, you can easily plan your habits, thanks to the really simple interface. You can give a name to your habit, change the color and even set a unique icon for it. The app also gives you smart reminders that tell you what you need to do every day. Productive – Habit Tracker app gives you enough motivation to stick to the habits. You can track your habits and monitor your progress. You can see the number of streaks you have complete and your perfect days. Once, you see them building up, you are sure to stick to your habits. You can get access to certain paid features like unlimited number of habits and pass code protection when you subscribe to their plans.

Productive – Habit Tracker iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Simple and customizable
Apple Watch support
Multiple language support
Easy to analyze progress


Productive – Habit Tracker for iPhone is an app that really justifies its name. The app really helps you to be more productive by helping you to develop good habits. So, install the app and make it easier to stick your good habits.


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