Pulse SMS Android App Review

| November 15, 2018

Pulse SMS for Android is a messaging app available across all devices (phone / tablet / web). Quite small in size, around 5 to 7 MB, which is the lowest in any messaging app. Pulse SMS has proved its mettle and is touted to be even better than Google’s very own iMessage on Android. Pulse has become the major competitor for most messaging app. With a bunch of customizations that makes messaging easier and fun, Pulse SMS is a great app that is short and simple.

Keep messaging with Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS for Android, the best SMS app, reinvents your messaging experience in a whole new way. It is seamlessly syncs across all your devices and smoothly functions and is fast and secure. It is feature rich and can be customized the way you want it. The interface design is top class and the animation is fluid. You can customize all most everything, from the theme, message bubble style, font, size, colors and the conversation list also. Pulse SMS separates messages by date. This makes it easy to search for messages. The Navigation drawer has all the extra features and settings, also includes, unread messages option. You just need to tap on it to get all the unread messages.

Pulse SMS Android App Review

Another two important messaging feature, is scheduling and delay. With scheduling, you can send messages at a specific time. Give a specific time to the message and the app will send it at that specific time. Set a delay period so when you press send you get that much time to edit the message before it gets sent.


Pulse SMS for Android will allure you with its drop dead simplicity. It is not just a competitor for iMessage but also an Android message on steroids. Interesting features like private messages and folders are an added advantage. Create folders and manually organize and categorize messages. This feature is useful for heavy text messaging users. Messages moved into private folders will require pass code or finger print to open it. The app is free to download with in-app purchases for subscription and no ads.


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