Pushbullet SMS on PC Android App Review

| May 7, 2018

Pushbullet SMS on PC for Android bridges your smart phone, tablet and desktop. The primary purpose of this app is to manage your notifications which you would otherwise ignore when life gets so busy. There could be days when you were busy with work on your laptops and PC and simply ignored checking your smartphone and you realize that there were reminders, event notifications and text messages. Pushbullet for Andoid resolves this by sending all your mobile notifications to your laptop or computer.

Pushing Your Notifications

To start with, first install Pushbullet SMS on PC for Android and pick the Google account you would like to use. Once you have signed in, the app walks you through its features including sending text messages from your computer, managing notifications, and sharing links and files between devices. Notifications will pop up on the bottom right of your screen. With a browser plug-in, you can see a count of notifications awaiting your response next to the Pushbullet icon on the top right. Dismiss a notification on your desktop; it gets automatically dismissed on your mobile device. When you receive text message, you will see that notification on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop. You can reply to messages using any Android app like WhatsApp or other messaging apps. You can also send new messages to your Facebook or Google contacts. You can push text notes, addresses, lists, links, and files up to 25MB.

Pushbullet SMS on PC Android App Review

From the Pushbullet Web site, pick which device you want to push to and choose what you want to send. Drag and drop files from your computer to push them. Make use of the simple text fields to add notes, lists, and addresses. The app can send notes, links, checklists, addresses, photos, and file attachments. Files pushed from your desktop automatically get downloaded onto your mobile device. Easily share links and files with your friends by pushing items to their Android devices.


Pushbullet SMS on PC for Android would never give up especially when you are leading a very busy life. It is surely one of the fastest and easiest way to get links, notes, lists, files and addresses both from your PC to your mobile phone and vice versa. The app is a more convenient option for transferring files than sending an email attachment or using Dropbox. Pushbullet is a free service, but you can upgrade to the Pro plan and access a few extra features.


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